Raising Daniel + Harry is the diaries of a mum to two SEN kids herself and enjoys helping our parents with SEN kids


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Meal Plan #1

Hey! After the news going round the last couple months of the rising in food prices with the wages not going up. It’s not easy for anyone, particular for family who are on the breadline. One thing I want to do with my blog is to try and help out families with meals and shopping… More

Learning to be more careful

Saturday 11th June 2022 This morning, I ended up in A+E. On Thursday night, I was cooking dinner for us all. I was reaching for something in the cupboard when a jar fell, hitting a jug full of boiling hot water, causing it to make a splash. I ended up burning/scalding my arm. I quickly… More

Dealing with emotions

Friday 10th June 2022 The last 24 hours have been tough on the eldest. Yesterday, I received a phone call from SENCO to say that his 1:1 will be leaving in a few weeks due to moving away and he was going to be getting a new 1:1. I will be honest in saying that… More